We provide a number of high level services such as:
Representation for Players

We will represent your interests, having your career, safety and well being as a top priority.

Representation for Coaches

Professional coaching is an immensely challenging and intense field. Our team helps you have total visibility, advises with best practices and trains the trainer for optimum results.

Advise & Negotiate

Based on our substantial experience and long reputation in the field, we will make sure the deal is always the best it can be.

Career Management

Establishing where you are able to go and making sure you get there.

Skill Development

We know you are good. There is always better. We tailor a regime for your own needs and goals.

Legal Assistance

We will provide a multitude of legal services, depending on the needs, be it contracts, disputes, etc.

Personal Coaching & Sports Psychologist

Making sure your mental state matches your physical capabilities is the only way to success.

Nutritionist Services

Your body needs the right fuel to reach its full potential. We work with some of the best professionals to make something that suits your body and needs.